Why us ?

Av8 Services is here to make your stepping stone into aviation a lot more easier. 

In 2018 Boeing has projected that aviation will need 790,000 new pilots by 2037 to meet growing demand, with 96,000 pilots needed to support the business aviation sector.

This is just Boeings Projection, Airbus, Bombardier & various other Aircraft Manufacturers have yet to project their numbers. 

With these numbers Airlines are hiring at a rate quicker than any other profession. 

Here is where we come into the picture with regards to flight training- 

  • Securing Admission in a reputed flying school 
  • Assistance in obtaining the appropriate Medial & Insurance Documents before commencing Flight Training 
  • Assistance in Applying in the necessary Documentation for Visa Approval depending on Nationality 
  • Assistance in securing proper lodging & transportation Services 
  • Post Arrival Assistance
  • Career & Placement Assistance* (Optional)
  • Portfolio Development* (Optional)

 Why Choose Us ? 

  1. We have First hand Experience in Flight Training at the Partner Schools 
  2. We know what it is like to Narrow onto a flight school being in a different country 
  3. We know the Flight training & quality standards at our schools 
  4. We guide and assist in every way we can through the Visa & Medial Process (Since this is the Most Stressful Part) 
  5. We have agreements with flight training school to accommodate our students. 
  6. We eliminate the cost of registration and application fees which costs between 1,500$ to 2,000$ for administration fees at various schools. 

We were once in your shoes & want to make things more simpler for Individuals who want to pursue their Ambitions & make this their Professional Career Path. 


Boeing 2018 Pilot Demand Global Projections