ACS Airline Pilot


Attestation of College Studies (ACS)


In regular training, the student progresses at their own pace and the training period is indeterminate and depend of the speed of learning of the student. By cons, the ACS college integrated training is an approved training by both Transport Canada and ministry of education which all educational stages are completed in one continuous course. The program perfectly combines the theoretical and practical part, and all these steps are synchronized to achieve goals effectively.

Also, participating students to the college certificate program will benefit from the same advantages as integrated training, in addition to graduate and be eligible for loans and scholarship programs (students born in Quebec). To participate in a program of training for an aviation college promotes always the student in his search for jobs in aviation.



  • Must hold a valid CPL aeroplane
  • A minimum of 750 hours of flight time to be eligible to write the exam
  • Must hold a valid Multi-engine rating
  • Must hold a valid Group 1 IFR rating
  • Successful completion of category 1 medical exam

Transport Canada requirements

Completion of all three Transport Canada ATPL written exams : SAMRA, SARON & INRAT


Length of training

The total training time is 14 to 18 months excluding the selection phase.

Graduates in integrated training will have a CPL that includes all qualifications.

Moreover, since many airlines require an ATPL for hiring, they also benefit from the privileges of a frozen ATPL with only 228.9 hours of flight time (and flight simulator) instead of waiting until 750 hours which are required to write the examination of the ATPL. The frozen ATPL is valid for a period of 5 years to the accumulation of 1,500 hours of flight time.

This training and obtaining the ATPL as early, accelerate the transition from student to the aviation market and greatly increase his chances of getting a job.


  • Must be 17 years of age to enter the program (18 years for the ICPL and IATPL licenses)
  • Must be in good physical and psychological condition
  • Do speak and understand English without difficulty (for foreign students, obtaining a TOEFL is required)
  • Must successfully complete an English exam (language proficiency test in the context of aviation, level 4 or level 6)
  • Successfully complete the medical examination Category 1 (medical certificate Aviation, TC)
    • Civil Aviation Medical Examiners- Search
  • Must have a valid passport

In addition, for Integrated Program College ACS : Airline pilot ATP (A):

  • Must have a high school diploma (DES) and must have a good knowledge of mathematics and physics, or provide evidence of sufficient training.
  • Have completed high school or have started post-secondary education (college, CEGEP, DEP) for at least two semesters or one full school year.
  • Must provide a certified copy of his diploma or equivalent full certificate proving the success of his country studies (An official translation in English or French is required for documents from abroad)


Integrated Program College ACS : Airline Pilot ATP (A) is structured as follows:

  • 1036.7 hours of training spread over a period of 14 to 18 months depending on weather conditions. The program consists of 505 hours in class, 52.8 hours of briefing and 250 hours of training on computer station 181.3 flight hours (156.8 hours on single-engine and 24.5 hours on multi-engine) and 47.6 hours of simulator training.
  • A total of 228.9 hours of practical training time (and flight simulator) including all flight tests.
  • The current theories are usually held in the morning or evening, depending on the season to allow maximum flight training taking into account the climate.
Activities of Integrated Program College ACS : Airline Pilot ATP (A)
Semester Course number Title of course length (hr)
semester 1 280-101-PS Introduction to flight framing – Private Pilot 45
280-102-PS Introduction to preparation of flight – Private pilot 45
280-103-PS Flight of the private pilot 75
total semester 1: 165
semester 2 280-201-PS Framing and theory of flight – Professional pilot 45
280-202-PS Preparation for flight – Professional pilot 45
280-203-PS Flight of the Professional pilot 105
total semester 2: 195
semester 3 280-301-PS Visual and instruments operation of a multi-engine aircraft 75
280-302-PS Visual and instrument flight of a complex aircraft 75
total semester 3: 150
semester 4 280-401-PS Framing and theory of flight – Airline pilot 105
280-402-PS Preparation of flight – Airline pilot 105
280-403-PS Multi-crew cooperation course 60
total semester 4: 270
Total program: 780