DGCA Structured Flight Training

Becoming an airline pilot in India with Av8 Services


Av8 Services is proud to welcome Indian students.

Our flight training program is specially designed for students from India. Best learning conditions are offered so that our students excel in there career as professional pilots in India.

Please find bellow more information about our flight program.

Duration of professional pilot course

To complete the Professional Pilot Course, it takes at least 12 months. Students can start the program at any time. Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings takes approximately 3 months, hence the complete course could take up to 12 months to finish. Students are expected to work at an intensive pace with a lot of stamina and with no breaks.

You can start your training almost any time. But August and February are the 2 months that we recommend you to begin your training.

Course entry prerequisites

Educational Requirements

Indian DGCA requires secondary school certificate, 10+2 with Mathematics and Physics.

Canada does not have specific educational requirements. Airlines generally require 12 years of schooling (10+2) with mathematics, physics, plus the ability to read, write and understand the English language.

Aviation Medical

All applicants must have passed a Class 1 Aviation Medical with a Aviation Medical Examiner approved by Transport Canada.

Please note that all students are required to pass a Canadian Aviation Medical Examination, conducted by a Transport Canada approved doctor, whether carried out in India or Canada.

Medical examination is required before the first solo flight. If required we can make arrangements for the medical examination after arriving in Canada.

Cost of the course

Please contact us on guidance for cost on training program. A complete program for the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Multi-Engine Rating and Instrument Rating is available on request.

For current cost, visit our sections on Commercial Pilot, Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating on our website.

Payment of course fees and admission

Indian students

An initial security deposit of $10000 CAD is required to enrol in our professional pilot course. This amount will be deposited in your personal student's account held at school. Usually we recommend fund transfers at regular intervals. Payment can be made by wire transfer, cash, credit cards (visa or MasterCard), certified check or bank cards.

Fill out the admission form to confirm your subscription. Once we received $10000/- as your security deposit, we will send you the Acceptance letter which then confirm your registration in our professional pilot training program.

Additional cost for flight students

Health coverage : For all international students, we recommend you to have a health insurance for the period of your stay here in Canada to cover you for any unexpected health related expenditures.

Transports Canada's fees : Addition to your course fee, you are expected to pay all associated fees to Transport Canada for your flight tests, written tests, examiners and licenses delivery.

All other subsistence cost : Please check Immigration Canada website that list an approximate budget required by an international student per year during there stay here in Canada.

Student Accommodation

We assist all our student with there accommodation during there stay here in Canada. Usually the Indian students rent a house close to the airport and share the expenses.

There are also many rooms to rent in private houses surrounding the flight school where the students can also get meals prepared by the owner (usually breakfast and dinner).

Student permit for Indian Students

Canadian Immigration and Customs provide all the information needed to obtain a student permit to enter Canada for study purposes. Be sure to understand the required steps. Ensure that you have completely filled the forms, paid the required fees and met all deadlines so that your case is processed in the shortest time possible. Begin the process in obtaining student permit at least four months before your planned visit date. Once your admission form and fees will be received by our Partner School we will send you the acceptance letter which will be required in processing your study permit application.

For studies of six months or more, a study permit is necessary. To obtain that permit, you will need the acceptance from the Government of Quebec (Quebec Acceptance Certificate or CAQ) and from the Government of Canada (study permit).

The CAQ processing time is generally four weeks but the duration may vary depending on where you apply. Visit the Foreign students section of Immigration Quebec to know more (http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/immigrate-settle/students/index.html)

How to obtain your study permit for Canada?

An application Guide - Studying in Canada will certainly be helpful : http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/pdf/kits/guides/5269E.pdf

Also visit this of the website of Embassy of Canada in India : http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/india-inde/visas/study-etudier_canada.aspx

Student visa for Indian Students

Student visa

The student visa is the biggest hurdle in coming to Canada for your training. The paperwork has to be CORRECT and COMPLETE. The Canadian embassy is not forgiving of mistakes or omissions. The biggest issue is that you have enough funds for the course, living expenses (calculated at $833/month), and transport to and from Canada. The other issue is that you must clearly state that you will be returning home after the training. If they have any hint you plan to stay in Canada you will be denied a student visa.

Unless you are familiar with the process or have legal help it is strongly recommended that Av8 Services reviews your application before applying for the student visa.

Processing a student visa takes up to 2-8 weeks from receiving the letter of acceptance. It takes us a few days to write and send the letter of acceptance.  We will email you a copy for your records and verification that it’s correct before sending. You will be given the tracking number of the package and it usually takes 3-5 days enroute.

The following websites have ESSENTIAL information for obtaining a student visa. READ THEM ALL!!! Refusal of a visa will cost you hundreds of dollars and 2-3 months minimum. TAKE THE TIME. So many of the refusals are for silly mistakes with the information well presented in these sites.



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